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Leland, Charles Godfrey. Memoirs. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1893.

People who Created this Work

People Mentioned in this Work

Aldrich, Thomas [pages:234]
Arnold, George [pages:234]
Booth, Edwin [pages:409]
Boughton, George [pages:403]
Bristed, Charles [pages:109, 337]
Clapp, Henry [pages:234]
Curtis, George [pages:239]
Du Solle, John [pages:100-101]

Leland recalls spending time as a youth with Du Solle, while both were living in Congress Hall, a hotel in Philadelphia. He states that Edgar Allen Poe was often in Du Solle's office and at Congress Hall. He also mentions that Du Solle later served as P. T. Barnum's secretary.

Emerson, Ralph [pages:77-79, 100, 131, 170, 245, 246, 427]
Gardette, Charles [pages:234]
Goodrich, Frank [pages:56]
Greeley, Horace [pages:237, 318, 343]
Leland, Charles [pages:FP(ill.), 235]

Leland distances himself from the Bohemians; he asserts that he was never involved with the Pfaffians, except in business (235).

Montez, Lola [pages:107, 160, 380, 426]
Nasby, Petroleum [pages:251]
O'Brien, Fitz-James [pages:92, 234]
Pfaff, Charles [pages:234-235]
Poe, Edgar [pages:101, 201, 202]
Stephens, William [pages:234-235]

Leland mentions Stephens' association with Vanity Fair and the Pfaffians contributions to the magazine.

Stoddard, Richard [pages:234, 239]
Strakosch, Maurice and Max (brothers) [pages:344]

Leland mentions Max's brother, with whom he collaborated in business, as "hard to deal with and irritable."

Taylor, Bayard [pages:197, 228, 239, 241]
Twain, Mark [pages:265, 334, 391]
Ward, Artemus [pages:235-36]

Leland refutes the charge that he introduced Ward to the "Bohemian brotherhood" (235).

He acknowledges that he initially helped Ward develop story ideas and also edited a few of his articles (235-36).

Whitman, Walt [pages:258, 395, 436, 437]
Willis, Nathaniel [pages:4, 64, 97, 190, 206]
Wood, Frank [pages:234]